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U18 2015-16Boys B&B County Cup Winners 2010-11, NWDYMFL Cup Winners 2010-11, OMBL League Winners 2011-12 & Cup runners up, Colts PHYL U15 Cup runners up 2012-13, Boys OIYL League Cup winners 2013-14, Boys B&B County Cup winners 2013-14, Boys OIYL Division A winners 2013-14 ("The Treble!"), 2015-16 SCML league & league cup runners up
U17 2015-16Boys SCML U13 Division 1 Runners Up 2010-11, Boys & Colts won PHYL U13 2011-12 Fair Play awards, Colts PHYL U16 League Cup runners up 2014-15
U16 2015-16 Boys PHYL U14 Div 1 runners up 2013-14, Boys PHYL U15 Div 1 champions, fair play winners & league cup runners up 2014-15
Under 16Colts PHYL U10 Yellow Division Winners 2010-11, Colts PHYL U11 League Cup Winners 2011-12, Colts PHYL U12 League Cup runners up 2012-13, Boys PHYL U12 Div 1 Winners 2012-13, Colts PHYL U13 League Cup winners 2013-14, Boys PHYL U14 Div 1 champions & fair play winners 2014-15
Under 15 Boys PHYL U12 League Cup runners up 2013-14
Under 14 Boys PHYL U10 League & League Cup "double" winners 2012-13, Boys PHYL U11 League Cup runners up 2013-14, Colts Reds PHYL U11 Red Div winners 2013-14
Under 13 Colts PHYL U9 League & League Cup "double" winners 2012-13, Boys U9 Fair Play Winners 2012-13, Colts PHYL U10 League Cup winners 2013-14, Colts PHYL U11 Green Div champions, fair play winners & League Cup winners (the "double") 2014-15
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